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Indianapolis Business Brokers
Indianapolis Business Brokers
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Indianapolis Business Brokers

Indianapolis Business Brokers are focused on selling local businesses in Marion, Hamilton, Boone, Hendricks, Morgan, Johnson, and Hancock Counties.   With over 80,000 businesses in the Indianapolis-metro area, there are plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to acquire a business in the local market.  And with the higher population density, current business owners are more likely to succeed in their goal to exit their business profitably.   We provide free business valuation services and business consultations for those looking to sell their business.   Contact us today to learn more.   
Small privately-owned businesses account for over 90% of local businesses.  They continue to be the engine of economic growth and development.  Because of that, it is critical to our economy as a whole that the successful companies continue in operation.  That business's employees, customers and partners rely on each other for each of their business's success.  A business should never cease merely because of the age or health of the owner.  Let us help.

Industries Served

We have a diverse business background ourselves.  It is important to know the details of each industry.  We may consider a few others, but we prefer to focus on manufacturing, fabrication, CNC machining, assembly, screen printing, wholesale supply, e-commerce, automotive repair, healthcare/medical, daycare, pet services, cleaning, construction trades, and property management companies. 

We would like to be all things to all people, but the fact is, we are more knowledgeable on the industries above than others like restaurants, bars, gas stations, hair salons, and such.  However, we can recommend other business brokers that specialize in those areas.   

Transaction Size

Most of the businesses that we list for sale are Main Street or Middle Market Companies, ranging from a few hundred thousand in revenue to several million in revenue.   We do tend to focus on companies with positive cashflow.  We may consult with business owners that are experiencing a negative scenario due to a recent health issue or other concern and we will help everywhere we can, but the majority of businesses sold are profitable.   We don't really have a minimum cashflow number, but we do prefer those with net owner incomes of over $80,000.  When in doubt, let's talk.  We are here to serve you.   

Free Business Valuation

We provide free valuations to business owners looking to sell based on multiple industry methods and current market analysis so you can make the most informed decision possible.  It is simply not a matter of plugging a few numbers in a form online to calculate a valuation.  We must understand several factors about your business to give you an appropriate valuation.   

What is your Business Worth?

Get a FREE Personalized Business Valuation and Consultation now.  

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    Business Consultation

    Selling your business is one of the most important times in your business life as a business owner.   This may be the best time to sell it, but again, it may not be.  You may be able to get more for it it you're willing to keep working 3 to 9 more months and we'll tell you that.  You may need to address a blatant deficiency in your business to be attractive to prospective buyers.   We'll tell you what some of the things buyers look for and how your business stacks up.  You may decide to just live with some of those items or you may want to invest a bit in your business to get a greater ROI on it.   

    When and Where to Start Your Transition

    Like most successful ventures in your business career, it is best to talk to professionals that have been where you are and have gone through what you're getting ready to go through.  We have acquired our own businesses.  We've dealt with owner and managerial issues.  And, we have sold our own businesses.   In addition, we've helped hundreds of others do the same.   It is important to get this right.  Contact us to get you started in the right direction.