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Indianapolis Business Brokers
Indianapolis Business Brokers
Indianapolis Business Brokers

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Executive Business Opportunities for sale focused on Sales & Marketing, General Management, Manufacturing, and Distribution and more.  There are many options in this area.

Indianapolis Businesses for sale

Construction Trades Business Opportunities in General Construction, Plumbing, HVAC, Electrical, Concrete, Metal Fabrication, Excavation, and more in residential, commercial, and government sectors.

Coin Laundry Business for Sale

Coin Laundry are often desired for their cash basis and minimal payroll requirements.  Some businesses allow the owner to be absentee-owned and even maintain their corporate jobs or provide for a semi-retirement scenario. 

Do you have the desire to own your own business?    Have you seen a "for sale" listing that you're inquiring on?  Or maybe, you're just getting started.  Maybe, you don't even know where to start at all.  

That's where we come in.  We are happy to give you advice and guidance in your search of buying a business.  We can show you one of our listings, another broker's listing, or we can engage in a specific Buyer Search for what you are looking for.  

Most buyers are open to the industry or the types of business they could see themselves owning.  It tends to be more about cashflow and down payment availability to make that happen.  However, we also understand that most buyers are also concerned about the commuting distance or location of the business.  So, knowing your preferred location and the amount of cash you have available for a down payment, we can give you options in your range. 

Please be as open with us as possible.  This is not like we are HR people judging your skill set, background, etc.  But, we would like to make sure we focus on the things you're interested in and good at.  

Expect to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement and Fill out a Client Profile.  Businesses sales are kept confidential to protect the owner's business.  It is critical to not have the employees, customers, or even suppliers find out that the business may be for sale.   You should never see a sign out in front of a business for sale.
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    Indiana e-commerce store

    eCommerce retailing includes Amazone FBA retailers, e-commerce service or product suppliers. 

    Auto Repair Franchise

    Automotive Service Businesses include automotive sales, mechanical repair, autobody repair, and even auto detailing.

    Indianapolis Retail Stores for sale

    Retail Businesses may include coffee shops, restaurants, UPS stores, discount shops, pawn shops, gas stations, grocery stores, pool supply retailers, and much more.