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Are you ready to chase your dream of owning your own business?   There are many options available for you as a new business owner.  Which industry is best?  What types of businesses make the most money?  What factors should you consider when looking to buy a business?  Are there any books you should read?   Which professionals should you consult?   

Most small business acquisitions happen with a sole business broker as an intermediary.  Depending on the broker and your experience and comfort level, you may want to engage a broker to represent you as the buyer.   Some say that unless you're paying the broker yourself, he/she does not represent you, nor working in your best interest.

You've heard the saying, "You don't know what you don't know."  It's true.  There are a lot of details in a business transaction.  You are making a significant investment that you are likely going to take 10-25 years to pay off.  Wouldn't it make sense to make those decisions based on the most educated information you can?  

We often are the sole broker in a transaction and try to be fair to both buyer and seller.  To us, it's a matter of integrity.  A buyer broker is not always necessary.  But, if you are unsure of what you're doing, the process, the business, the industry, or the listing broker involved, perhaps we should talk.  

We can give you advice based on our experience of owning and operating our own business and managing the acquisition process for many other businesses.  We can help in the due diligence phase.  We can confirm whether the value of the business is accurate.  We can advise you on financing options that could improve your chances of obtaining funding at the best rates.  We also can refer other professionals like attorneys or accountants.  

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